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I'm an Environmental Scientist, a Hellenic Polytheist and a hardcore Brony. That's pretty much all most people need to know.
  • Listening to: Lindey Stirling (AWESOME)
  • Reading: House of Leaves
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  • Playing: FarCry 3
Well, 6 months of no journal. And yet, nothing has happened.

My Masters dissertation is now in, and I don't ever have to think about the ethics of nanotechnology in Metal Gear Solid 4 ever again. Until my results come back, and hopefully they don't realise that I was talking complete shi*e the whole time :P

But now, while I'm officially no longer a student, but also not eligible for work in my field yet, I'm in employment limbo. And what better time, while I look for miserably low paying retail and temp jobs, to actually get serious about this sculpting biz?

A custom pony I made the other day, the mascot of UK PonyCon (Brittania) was put into a charity auction at the con on Sunday. The con was awesome, by the way. Anyway, this was my fourth brushable size custom, after two Scootaloos and a Vinyl Scratch. Long story short, she sold for £50 sterling, with 3 bidders going for her. That, to me, is mad. I don't think I'm very good. I have very little in the way of tools or money for said tools, and selling for that kind of money, even for charity, boggles my mind.

Anyway, after talking to some customisers at Ponycon, including a couple that have been doing it for over a decade, many didn't believe that I had only started just over a year ago. Apparently I learn fast. They also gave me great tips, and I finally got proper material. Man, I love Apoxy now, I don't know how I did without. So with compliments spamming me, the high of raising £50 for a very worthy charity (Riding for the Disabled Association), and the realisation that I have very little to do all day except stare at the dog and cat, I decided screw it, I'm going to go and work at this for a while.

So I've wandered dA, and faved a ton of tutorials and stuff from (who I consider to be) the best of the best. A lot I knew, but the little quirks of other sculptors are handy, and some stuff I can't believe I didn't know. I had never even thought of flaming the remains of the hair. It seems so obvious now!

Ideally, I'll actually be able to do customs of a high quality soon, and legit sculptures. I'm getting an airbrush, and I'm supplementing my sculpting tools with ACTUAL sculpting tools. I'm going for it, I seriously want to be able to look at my stuff with pride, and not note every fault with disgust.

Anyway. I've got a Blackjack, a Snowdrop and a Luna in the works for G4, a G1 seapony that's going to be Lyra (I know, blasphemy :P), and an original sculpture of Vinyl Scratch all skeletoned out. Let's see how this goes.

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